Paizlee's Grass Fed Beef
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Essence, Taste, Flavor

 What makes a moment memorable? Is it the people, the attractions, the views? Or is it all the little details coming together that turn the average daily experience into a lasting memory? 

    Some tastes stay with you forever. Once you experience the flavors and taste of quality beef you never forget it. Paizlee's Grass-Fed Beef will remind you of the first time you drove by fresh cut fields with the windows down. 

Southern Utah is a special place, where the vibrant colors of red rock and the scent of sage and pinyon pine are inescapable. The beauty of the place infuses everything here. Even the cows take on the healthy glow of the landscape. Like the Mighty Utah National Parks, everything here has a distinctive quality. Our goal is to capture that uniqueness in the local grass-fed beef products we produce. Experience beef the way it was always meant to taste!