Chipotle Garnacha Braised Short Ribs served on Jewish Unleavened Flat-Bread

3-4 pounds short ribs

In a large Mixing bowl:

1/8 cup Olive Oil - to lightly cover all the surface area of each short ribs

1.5 TSP for each short rib

Add Salt and Pepper

Mix all together until short ribs are evenly and equally coated.

Slice veggies for stock in the pot, carrots, onions, and fresh herbs, rosemary, sage and bay leafs.

Put short ribs in stock pot bone side down

Dump 1/2 can of Adobo Chipotles into stock pot, over short ribs evenly.

Add Veggies!

Add Granacha until it covers the top of the short ribs ( about 1 bottle)

Bring to a boil and then let simmer for 3 1/2 hours

Check with a fork for tenderness. If the fork penetrates the short ribs With ease, then it is done. At this point, bones will fall out.

Remove the short ribs from the pot and enjoy!

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