We raise all of our animals by hand and with care. We bring youth and energy along with sustainable practices into the 21st century agricultural market-place through our superior all natural grass fed beef. 

Paizlee's Grass Fed Beef was founded on the belief that a place is much more then a name. A place is the sights, the smells, the people, and the flavors! 

Ranching is ingrained in the fiber of Utah. In the modern cities of Salt Lake, or St. George, you can often find yourself eye to eye with a cow or horse in a field surrounded by concrete and residential homes. As identifiable as our Mighty National Parks, Utah's pioneering spirit continues to live on in every generation that wakes up each morning to do "the chores". Feeding and caring for the livestock is how many kids are raised and taught life lessons in the communities that dot Utah's picturesque landscapes. 


What Makes Us Different


We hand select every cow we process right out of the field. For a cow to become a Paizlee's cow, they have never been in a corral. Never have they found themselves being fed grains or any imported type of feed. If it doesn't grow in their pasture, then they don't eat it. Paizlee's cows live a stress free life, they are all worked stress free in the traditional, horseback ways that have been handed down for generations. Slow and steady workings from horseback make these cows not only traditional in image and experience; but reduce, if not eliminate, any stress during the process of husbandry.